Our approach of IMPACT:

resource oriented & sustainable


17 UN Sustainable Development Goals

To which of the 17SDGs can Ministry of Impact contribute?

Building resilience of the poor

Fostering mental health & mindfulness education

Enabling access to global knowledge

Empowering women in creating livelihoods

Empowering  sustainable business

Inspiring to innovate by regional ressources

Using specific cultural approaches

Empowering inclusion of all

Building with natural and upcycling material

Sustainability education for youths

Enable stakeholders to be a part of the climate action

Transcultural education

Exchange of global knowledge and expertise 

Building COMMUNITY CENTRES on ground

Sociological approach: M.O.I and Capital Theory

French Sociologist Bourdieu introduced the notion of capital, defined as sums particular assets put to productive use: "Capital comes in 3 principal species: economic, cultural and social. A fourth species, symbolic capital, designates the effects of any form of capital when people do not perceive them as such." This theory is applicable to every human on this planet and the scientific basis of M.O.I.s work.