How can we create the MINISTRY OF IMPACT?

M.O.I. - Virtually & Globally

In a first step, we are striving to set up an interdisciplinary global virtual network of change makers and experts in M.O.I.'s work fields as described above. Thus, we will collect a tribal knowledge of ideas and projects already existing concerning all aspects of empowerment of the individual as well as environmental & social sustainability in countries around the globe. The network will be available to all MINISTERS OF IMPACT participating on a longterm basis.

M.O.I - Globally & Locally

In a second step, we will connect already existing local change makers in our partner countries in Africa & Asia - as there so far are: South Africa, Zimbabwe, Malawi, Namibia, Uganda, Nigeria, Ghana, Guinea, India & Sri Lanka to unite in a local MINISTRY OF IMPACT Network and define their specified local social & environmental sustainability goals. Together with the global experts of M.O.I. Network, we will plan the setting up of the local M.O.I. BASE(s). 


In a third step, we will bring everything and everyone together in local physical MINISTRY OF IMPACT BASES in our partner countries. Therefore, we will build up community centres for our MINISTRY OF IMPACT magic to happen.
The buildings will be constructed with upcycled sustainable local materials by our local M.O.I. network - supported by eager MINISTERS OF IMPACT from all over the world. We will also set up a team to run the local M.O.I BASES.

Be a part of our global movement for personal empowerment & change and become a MINISTER OF IMPACT!

We are looking for MINISTERS OF IMPACT 
with the following passions & skills:

  • positive mindset & deep believe in the fact, that an individual can make a global difference as part of a like minded vibe-tribe
  • deeply inspired action-taking
  • thinking solutions - not problems
  • experiences as a life coach with a solution-focussed approach or being open to be trained as one
  • experiences in community work
  • networking skills
  • being trained or working in a work-field of environmental or social sustainability
  • experiences in any work-field that combines the health of body, mind & soul
  • experiences in working with or for a local or global organisation with social or sustainability goals
  • knowledge about fundraising or sponsorship for Non governmental organisations locally or globally
  • Studies in Social & Environmental Sciences
  • bringing together worldwide knowledge into a holistic, interdisciplinary & sustainable approach to make a local & global difference 

Yes, I want to be a MINISTER OF IMPACT 

& know more about the project!