Empower individuals in developing countries to make a sustainable global difference!

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Thinking about IMPACT

Coming from two different cultures as well as two different disciplines that concern the individual, Christiana and Debojit are representing a macro - and a micro-sociological point of view - bringing them together in regarding the individual as a changemaker acting in various systems.
French Sociologist Pierre Bourdieu provides the according "Capital Theory". It postulates, that every human is equipped with 4 sorts of "capital" growing up in this world:
1. economic capital
2. social capital
3. cultural capital
4. symbolic capital
These capitals are interdependent and exchangeable. 
MINISTRY OF IMPACT wants to raise awareness of individuals to use their personal resources to not only be happy and make a living locally, but also to connect them to the globalised world to participate in the world to share their ideas and passions.

Knowing about IMPACT

Knowledge is power. Especially in the 21st century. 
MINISTRY OF IMPACT wants to merge this global knowledge & expertise of its members, classify it and make it available to people and projects around the globe to enable individuals worldwide, to (re-)use it in their community.
MINISTRY OF IMPACT wants to elevate this network-approach from a local to a national to a global level. So many fantastic socially and environmentally sustainable relevant projects have been developed worldwide already! No matter in which country they were created and successfully applied: we want to bring them all together, create awareness for them and as well as platform for them to prosper and be used by likeminded people at the other end of the globe! 
And - most possibly - at the end enable individuals in developing countries to found their own sustainable business to make a global difference! 

Making an IMPACT

How can we bring the threads together? 

Christiana & Debojit are currently working on extending their global transcultural network in Europe, USA, Canada, Asia, Africa & South America.
We are starting to establish our Network of NGOs working on ground in India, Africa & South America.
After the registration of MINISTRY OF IMPACT legally as an NGO seated in Germany, we will in 
step 1: start by supporting small NGOs in our partnering countries with ecologically & socially sustainable project ideas and funding
step 2: find out, in which country we will be able to establish our first M.O.I. Base as a community centre for holistic, sustainable learning with our partnering NGOs
and in 
step 3: build M.O.I. Bases all over the globe and work together on ground.

Ministry of Impact 


We are currently starting our M.O.I collaboration with Ministers of Impact all around the world - building up a sustainable network of knowledge and expertise. We will be working on the project in content-related and locally related working groups to prepare our "physical" M.O.I. bases to emerge.

Ministry of Impact 


Our aim is to group national networks of already existing sustainable projects and organisations to bring their knowledge together and find intersections on all levels concerning sustainability. They will not only  back each other up but also contribute to define the local site to build up the M.O.I. bases for their country or region.

Ministry of Impact 


The local existing organisations will either contribute to run or be able use the M.O.I. bases as community centres and places of hospitality & training for sustainable learning and empowerment in all of M.O.I. defined relevant topics. They will welcome Ministers of Impact from all countries to share knowledge and empower each other.